Based on Grade A, Level 1 evidence, the newly updated 2021 Diabetes Canada guidelines recommend real time CGM (rtCGM) should be used for people with Type 1*,1 and may be used for patient with Type 2†,1. Join the past and present authors of the glucose monitoring guidelines as they share the REAL practice implications of a shift to rtCGM and tips for how pharmacists, educators and diabetes specialists can survive and thrive.

*Individuals with Type 1 diabetes using basal-bolus insulin therapy or CSII. †Adults with Type 2 diabetes using basal-bolus insulin therapy who have not achieved their A1C target.
1. Cheng A, et al. Can J Diabetes 45 (2021) 580-587.

Lori Berard, RD, CDN

Nurse Consultant

Lori Berard has over 30 years of experience in diabetes education, management and clinical research working as the Nurse Manager for the Health Sciences Centre Diabetes Research Program and a Faculty Member at the University of Manitoba Department of Medicine Section of Endocrinology. Currently, she is working as a consultant in diabetes management and clinical research operations… View Speaker’s Full Bio


Rick Siemens, B.Sc. Pharm, B.Sc. Biol

CDE pharmacist with Additional Prescribing Authority (APA)

Rick Siemens is a CDE pharmacist with Additional Prescribing Authority (APA) who works as a clinical pharmacist and pharmacy manager for a community pharmacy in Lethbridge, Alberta. Rick is involved in all aspects of advanced pharmacy practice including initial access prescribing, administering medications by injection… View Speaker’s Full Bio